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A couple weeks ago, I received an email from one of my puppy parents.  They had hit on some  hard times and needed to place their dogs.  This was not the first time they had contacted me.  They contacted me last summer asking me to help them place their dogs.  I picked up the dogs and had started working on homes for them.  Within a week, the previous owners contacted me and said they wanted them back.  I was irritated but really had no valid reason to not give them back.  The dogs had been cared for.  Probably not the way I do, but we are a little "outrageous" on the RD Ranch with our dogs.  So the dogs went back. 

When I received the email this time, my first thought was to ignore them.  But I can't do that to "my kids" so I found a sucker to take them.  I told a co-worker about the dogs.  She was interested in the older female for her mom.  I told Pat (let's call her Pat) to get both dogs and I would place the second.  When I called her after the pickup, she went on and on about Nala and Powder.  My response to her was "so you're not bringing Powder to me are you?"  She laughed and told me no.  Her husband didn't know about the new addition yet so it was still a possibility that I would get the dog.  Pat was concerned about the possibility that it wouldn't work and Powder would be passed on yet again.  I told her that the same thing would happen at my house. 

Well I'm happy to say that both Nala and Powder have their new permanent homes.  They have both settled in and couldn't be happier.  Both have a little bit of baggage that we hope will be diminished as time goes on but a happy ending to what could have been a very sad story. 

Unfortunately, the dogs were in pretty sorry shape when we got them back.  According to the vets they have seen, both had visible signs of dehydration and malnourishment as well as signs of a recent flea infestation.  Powder has a sore leg which the vet could find no obvious injury to account for.  We believe it is from being in a kennel and reaching through for food.  The dogs were no longer with the owner who got them from me but with a girlfriend of a family member. 

People hit upon hard times, which is too common in today's environment.  On one hand, it makes me very sad that this happened to the dogs.  I don't like to hear that my dogs don't end up in the perfect homes.  On the other hand, I have to give them credit for contacting me.  Especially after what happened last year.  I do believe that they really did want what is best for the dogs. 

Not that it happens very often, but now if a dog is returned to me, I have a waiver that insures no return rights.  If I had a crystal ball to see what would have happened, they would not have gotten the dogs back.  But I did not have any reason to believe that they had been neglected OR would be neglected. 

So hug your puppy tonight and feel blessed that you aren't in the situation to have to give up your best friend.  Personally, I can't begin to imagine that.  I've been very blessed.