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Recently, we had one of our dogs returned to us.  I was disappointed to see that at a very young age this puppy had received both the Lyme disease vaccination as well as a giardia vaccination.  This dog lived in the city in an area where ticks are not common.  Lyme disease is carried by ticks.  So why would the vet insist upon the Lyme disease vaccination?

The most common side effect of the Lyme disease vaccine is chronic arthritis which is also a symptom of Lyme disease.  Personally, on the RD Ranch we choose to not give the vaccine but instead practice a good tick management practice.  We use Frontline Plus.  And I found a great place to get it -  They are located in Australia but they have the cheapest prices I have found.  A three months supply of the extra large (89 - 132 lbs) dog is $35.95 plus about $5.00 for shipping.  Course we buy the 12 months supply for $114.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

I squeeze the contents of one tube into a shot glass.  (Most effective use of a shot glass I've had in years.)  Then with a syringe, I split it between several dogs.  Amount depends upon the weight of the animal.  It is very effective and we see a noticeable difference.

We firmly believe in vaccinating our dogs but I do think that some vets go overboard on it.  Why does a dog that lives in the city on chlorinated water need a giardia shot? 

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